Friday, June 16, 2017

Well I think it is about time to update the old page! This weekend I am going to get into that saddle and relearn what my poor little brain has forgotten about this whole process! 
In the meantime here are the 2 most recent paintings I finally finished and listed on Ebay!

I have thought of you all often and hope this day finds you all well!

Love Tina xo


  1. How lovely to see you! Has been quite a while now. Have missed your lovely paintings. Nice angels! What else have you been up to?

    1. Hey SJ how are you doing? I have had a heck of a year, I was just doing too much and my health suffered for it. I am now calming down, back to painting, posting and letting go of all the stress (let's hope I can stick to it) I am so happy to see one of my favorite bloggers is still here too...missed you a bunch!
      Tina xo


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