Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Challenging Week

On Thursday the 27th of August I lost a friend and neighbor when she passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Her health had not been great for many years but she tried hard to take good care of herself and for the most part she succeeded. She had a bad heart though and was diabetic and never really understood the whole carb thing as it relates to "sugar" levels.

She was only 71 and I will always remember her for being a loving and giving human being, who loved everyone and never, ever used a cuss word. Born in Ohio but moving to Florida at a young age where she and her her hubby lived for many years before moving to upstate New York where I met her 10 years ago. After her beloved Poppy passed 4 years ago she was never quite the same and although she had no other family she had friends who cared about her deeply, but Poppy's loss was always with her and she often spoke of wanting to be with him again. Anita I will miss you more than you know, you were loved and cherished and I wish I could have had one more chance to tell you how special and dear you were.
Take a moment today to let those you love know how much you care, we never know if today will be the last chance we have to hold them and whisper those loving words to a lonely heart that yearns to hear them!
Anita I love you!

Tina xo

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Life I should Be Living!

Do you ever wonder what life would be like if everything went the way you wanted it to? Well I wonder that every single day!!! Lately, especially, I feel like I didn't only drop the proverbial ball, I dropped the whole darned ball factory. Oh well, maybe that is really what life is all about...the coulda, woulda shouldas haunt some of us forever or at least until the coffee and donuts kick in and some of the few lucky ones never question any of their decisions or wonder about the road not taken.
Don't get me wrong I do have absolutely fabulous days when I watch Louise Hay videos on YouTube and pray and meditate until I am floating an inch above the floor all day, but those are not as common as the "other" days!

Well today is a kind of in between day, I did a little housekeeping and just posted a little painting on Ebay so I am feeling "mighty" right now. And here is the little painting for your perusal and opinion. If you are not into folk art this may not be your cup of tea but it is kind of cute in a naive sort of way:

You can see a glimpse of my kitchen table studio in a couple of the photos and yes because of my paint and craft supplies there is not a lot of eating going  on in that room or on that table, but since I live alone who cares!
If anyone is interested in this little gem I just posted it to Ebay

Right now I am saving up to get two little male cats neutered so any art purchases will be going towards that goal!

Thanks for stopping by and please do leave me any comments on how you handle "those" kind of days as I will try anything (within reason) to turn my frown upside down :)

Have a super day and keep on smiling!

Tina xoxo

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

From the Easel!

Wow how time just takes off running and leaves me in it's dust! 
I did manage to get a few things completed that I had sketched out a while ago and here they are:

The first one is an angel which is pretty obvious and the second is one I entitled "La Soeur Triste" (The Sad Nun) and I am not really sure how that came about except that as I began outlining and painting her she took on this persona and I ran with it.
I am planning some more angel paintings in the coming weeks as I have gotten so many wonderful ideas late at night that seem to follow mostly an angelic theme! You can find these and future paintings on my shop page (the link is on my page here).
Of course with the painting going on I fell behind in the gardening and my lawn is once again up to my ankles and my lawn mower wouldn't start yesterday so I was not a happy camper but I am hoping it was just condensation in the motor because of all the rain and humidity!
Later this week I plan on visiting all my fave blogs and seeing what you all have been up to creatively! I guess it's almost time to start planning for the Christmas craft shows (oh my did I actually use that holiday word????) Ok no rock throwing at the anxious artist!
Have a super Tuesday, love on your pets for me, kiss the kiddos and hubbys on my behalf and smile a lot!

Love Tina xoxo

Monday, June 22, 2015

Trying to Keep Up!

Well here we are on another Monday, Summer is here and so is all the yard work! Sadly it has been super hard to get any yard work done around here because of the constant rain! Just when the grass has had a chance to dry out it rains again!!!

The good news is that with all the rain and being stuck indoors I have gotten 2 little 12" x 9" paintings done in the last week and here they are....(please forgive the bad camera resolution but I NEED a new one soon)

The colors are much darker and rich in the originals but I have to manage with what I have for now so hopefully you can see past the photo quality. 

Almost all the proceeds from my art goes towards caring for my rescue cats so there isn't much left over for luxuries like cameras!

Hope you all are having a great day and enjoying the beginning of summer? 

Tina xo

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

This Year's far!

Every year I am blown away with how things emerge differently due to the Winter just past or the Spring we are haves and that was it!ing. This year the rain once again changed the pattern I had gotten used to a few years ago. The warm up in January played havoc with my poor Forsythia once again and they failed to have those lovely yellow blooms I love so much. Once again it just grew green leaves and that was it! The poppies too were negligible and lasted a day or two and then dropped. Sad....
But hey the Irises held on and now the Daylilies are sending up flower stocks and getting ready to pop soon. As always the ever faithful Sunflowers are  are even more prolific than ever so soon I will have some scrumptious photos of those sweet garden friends. I love them because they attract the bees and when I see those little fellas working each day I feel like indeed "God is in His heaven and all is right with the world" !
 My adored Irises! I want many more in every color available because they remind me of ladies vintage dresses! Kind of shabby chic!
Lavender Irises

I do love my peonies, they are brave little souls and no matter where they were placed (haphazardly) they have thrived and put forth exquisite blooms each year.....


Isn't she lovely?
A few years ago someone gave me a small piece of a plant they called American Bamboo. Now I am not sure that is what it is called everywhere else but since I know no better that is what I call it! It is an intrusive little beggar and has to be savagely cut back each year or it will take over the world, but it can be trimmed into a lovely little shady spot where one could place a yard chair and relax so she remains in her spot despite the work controlling her requires!
American Bamboo

American Bamboo
I am sure you have noticed there is massive amounts of weeding to be done and just as soon as the rain stops for more than 15 minutes I may get a chance to quite the jungle!

And finally for today the beloved and medicinal Comfrey, a favorite of mine and the bees (if the bees love it, I love it)!
 Well, well the sun is coming out and I may yet get my chance to work out there! So I leave you for the moment with a final little photo of one section of my temporarily neglected garden and go search for my garden gloves. 
I hope this Wednesday is kind to all and that something wonderful will happen for each one of you out there today!
Tina xoxo