Sunday, June 18, 2017


On this special day set aside for dads everywhere I want to share a photo of my dad when he was all of 18 serving in the Cavalry at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. 

My dad Clarence L Smith from Houston Texas is on the left and his buddy Bill Spade from Saginaw Michigan is on the right. 
My father loved working with horses all his life and the Cavalry was the perfect place for him!

I have many great memories of my dad, he was an outdoorsman who was happiest living close to the land. He built the first home we lived in in Splendora Texas and built it so well it withstood a tornado. He had a sarcastic sense of humor that took no prisoners, and in spite of some glaring faults I love and miss him still!

For all the dads out there I wish you a wonderful day filled with joyous memories!

Love Tina xo

Saturday, June 17, 2017

My Little Men!

I just had to share this photo of my 2 gorgeous little grandsons, Oliver and his brother Remy! 

Since day one they have been close and I hope they always will be so.....

Recently I crocheted them each an octopus and here is Oliver with his...

Oliver and Remy wrestling with the catapillars Nana sent them a few months ago!

I used to look at photos of crocheted animals people had made their children or grandkids and think "geez who has time to do all those handmade things?" well now I know... Nana does!

Have a wonderful weekend and smile for no other reason than it brightens the world up!!!

Love Tina xo

Friday, June 16, 2017

Well I think it is about time to update the old page! This weekend I am going to get into that saddle and relearn what my poor little brain has forgotten about this whole process! 
In the meantime here are the 2 most recent paintings I finally finished and listed on Ebay!

I have thought of you all often and hope this day finds you all well!

Love Tina xo

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Terrific Tuesday

Well it is if you like Rain on December 22! And yes it is raining here in upstate New York again!

Happy note: I finally finished the painting I have been working on for a few days and got it in the mail yesterday to my 18 month old grandson Oliver!

Here's Nana's nugget with his Mom Lydia! O I love that little face!

And after much work and agonizing over whether it needed more touching up or not, here is the painting for my little cuddle monkey! He LOVES whales and his mom thought he would get a kick out of seeing a little boy riding one! 

They had made a trip recently to the Aquarium and little Oliver was totally fascinated with the Sea Turtles and Jellyfish so I included those as well and a few Seagulls for good measure!
I wish I could be there to see his face when he sees it for the first time so they had better takes many photos for Nana!

So now that the most important prep for Christmas is done I now have a very messy house to clean and more paintings and crafting to do.....stay tuned, 2016 is going to be the best year yet!!!

Love to all Tina xoxo

Sunday, September 20, 2015


I am finally feeling a lot more like my old self after a very challenging couple of months but then Autumn always was my favorite season!
The sun is shining today but the temps have dropped to the 60's and I love it! Loads to do in the garden (later!) and paintings and crafts to work on (soon!) but right now I just have to stop and thank God that for today at least everything seems perfectly in alignment with my higher good!
And that is what I wish for all of you...that life is good for you and your families and that Mother Nature presents you with a cornucopia of only the very best this world has to offer!

In that vein I finally have gotten a few new painting done and listed on Ebay so I am feeling very good about myself right now lol! And here they are...

 This little angel (16" x 12") I did in acrylic and finished with 2 layers of crackle medium then stained her for a vintage look. I think it turned out quite nice all in all.
My little Goldfinch is slightly smaller at 8" x 10" also done in acrylic and I am very happy with how he turned out. I just find it hard to get decent photos with the little Nikon camera I have. For some reason the colors are just not as rich looking as they are in real life but then maybe one of these days I will just have to get a more expensive camera!

Today with the change in weather I am feeling very Halloweeny (is that a word?) so my ideas are running more into the darker and creepier lol! I may have to start decorating the house soon to get the full "Sleepy Hollow" effect!

Well time to get back to the easel and see what goodies my mind will come with today!
Have a wonderful and joyful Sunday!

Tina xo