Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Little Fabric Work

Over this hideously cold winter I have been spending a lot of time in the house trying to stay warm and going through art and crafting supplies looking for inspiration. I had a lovely collection of vintage suit ties and hand dyed fabric bits just crying out to be assembled into something and here is the result.

The second one incorporates pieces of cotton shirts purchased at thrift stores and cotton ticking salvaged from two 70 year old mattress. I can tell you that was a heck of a job cutting the fabric from the mattress!
I am quite enamored with "found" objects and salvaged items and this year I an planning in dabbling with what is termed "Outsider Art". Stay tuned for some interesting posts this year..:)

I hope you are finding interesting ways to while away this freezing weather and if we all wish hard enough maybe, just maybe we will have an early Spring!

Happy Tuesday to all....
Tina xo

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Something Different

Sometimes I get bored with my art and the only way to refresh my mind is to attempt something really different, are you like that too? Well over the last few months while browsing the internet I came across the work of a folk artist named Julie Arkell (Google her name and smile) whose whimsical work made me laugh out loud. Well I can't afford to travel to England to take one of her classes (wish I could) but I have worked with papier mache before and and felt inspired to try my hand at a few creatures of my own!
I am happy to announce that the creative rut I was in has begun to dispel, my hands are finally free of glue and scraps of pages from an old book (it was falling apart) and after I finish up the 5 little people and their homes I can get back to painting with a fresh outlook, whew!

                                                             Biddy and her Butterfly

                                                      Before painting and decorating

                                                        Nellie with her table and chair

                                                      Reverse of one of the "domiciles"

                                                          Close-up of table and chair

                                                                   Close-up of Nellie

Do you enjoy stepping outside your comfort zone creatively? Does it give you fresh eyes once you return to your usual milieu?

Have a wonderful Tuesday whatever you are doing!

Tina xo

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Finishing Last Year's Projects

Lately I have been contemplating what about last year made it so difficult for me? What were my victories? Well needless to say I had hundreds of answers to both questions but what stood out for me in all circumstances was the fact that good or bad, I grew. Spiritually, mentally and artistically I took steps forward more than I slid back and that is occasion to celebrate and give thanks to God without Whom I would have been a wreck in 2013.
So now here we are in 2014, a year I have decided will be filled with joy and accomplishment. I decided to start small with a few old projects that had been pushed aside in all the chaos. So today I present a sweater that saw it's start way back in 2012, was picked up here and there throughout 2013, and finally had the finishing touches done in 2014! 
I even fashioned a sweet fabric brooch to set it off (beaming with pride here)!

I hope this year has started out with all the happiness possible for everyone! You are always in my thoughts!

Tina xo

Thursday, September 5, 2013


                BUCOLIC MOOD available now in my Etsy shop (see link at right)

Lately I have been incredibly bored with painting and I had no idea why but yesterday while looking for something in my spare room I came across my "dolls in progress" from last year and my interest was peeked once again so I am thinking that maybe all I need is a change now and then to keep my thoughts fresh and exciting!
Does anyone else ever get "creative ennui?" or am I bi-polar?
Have a lovely day!

Tina xo

Sunday, September 1, 2013

NEW WORK! On a Warm Day.....

Well I have been sticking to my commitment to paint every day and I am proud to show two new pieces I have finished this week:

"Summer Sunday" and"The Church in the Swamp"

I am already at work on another new piece that is in a new style for me but again filled with texture! I just can't seem to go flat....
well off to prepare a quick lunch and get back to the paint palette!! 
Have a fabulous Sunday....

Tina and the "gang" xoxo