Sunday, February 28, 2010

Experiment With Nudes

What can I say? I had gotten hold of a jar of oxide red and my mind went wild. I found it to be a very compelling color last week and for some reason a nude seemed to lend itself to the train of thought. Tissue paper on the surface for texture and then a gradual building up of the red. The nude seemed to emerge from the background. It's a beginning!

Yellow Rose Angel

This is my latest angel portrait and I have to admit I really liked her a bunch. I used real fabric for the gown and started by tea staining it and then adding layers of yellow and sienna glazes until I thought it was right. I am pleased with the result which is a change for me, I usually have dueling emotions about my work and there have been times when a bonfire seemed the logical choice. But I think she will be spared being considered as fuel for the cleansing blaze!


I have been working quite hard this past week to pick up the pace on my painting and bring some of my ideas to life before I am bored with them, haha. Yes I do get bored easily, one of my faults I fear. Here is the last piece I just put on Ebay, two others went on a few days ago and I am including photos of those as well. Today I have a new idea, I am trying to use watercolors to tint paper that I can then add in collage fashion to the next painting I have planned. The trick is I would love to do this on something similar to tissue paper only I am sure it would not hold up to being fussed with too much and I am wondering how something like hairspray being added after the color is dropped and dried, would that stiffen the paper sufficiently? Hmmmm.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Little Wall Table Angel

Some things just have to be done! I found this adorable wall table in an attic and even though it was not in good condition I took that to be a call to action. Much plastic wood and sanding later I had a pretty good surface to paint on and decided a simple folk art angel in a primitive style was a good choice. It's on Ebay now and we will see if the rest of the world thinks so...:) Whatever happens, I love it!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Morning Has Broken

I just had to do something with this little 8" x 8" canvas and with the addition of texture medium and judicious application of crackle medium I just felt the colors I chose reminded me of morning breaking on an autumn morning. I think it would look really snappy hanging on point, what do you think?

Abstract Whaaa?

Yep I really did an abstract painting and I enjoyed doing it. I have to admit listening to classical music helps set the mood for color choice and style. I started with some old board game cards and pasted them all over the canvas with gel medium, then 2 coats of gesso. I dug out my stash of decorative papers and scissors, match some paper and the colors I wanted to use and went to town. Sometimes I wish I could just stay up all night and keep right on a going..haha!