Thursday, April 29, 2010


I realized today that art is about more than paint and brushes, it's also about all the things that influence us each day for good or bad. In that vein, I will share the fact that I have 11 rescue cats that I love and care for. Twice each day I mix their dry food with a few cans of their favorite wet food and serve it up. Naturally there is always some left at the next meal and those leftovers belong to the crows/seagulls/starlings. I take it out to them and throw it in front of my home and they all feast in turn. It was something I started doing a long time ago during the winter months, but food is food and I abhor waste, so even in good weather out it goes for my feathered friends. I thought today I would post a picture of the gulls helping themselves.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Celtic Angel

Quick note for a rainy Saturday, I finished this painting yesterday afternoon and put it on Ebay. I am seriously thinking of doing a few floral paintings in oil which should be a fun challenge for me. I need an artistic challenge! Something radically different from anything I have done before. I have been thinking about doing a few art dolls. I recently bought the first issue of "Prims", a lovely magazine filled to the brim with amazing primitive doll artists. Since I have an extensive stash of fabrics, many vintage, and notions galore I would love to try my hand at fashioning a "doll" or two. I am fascinated with the thought of creating a little person who will mirror a small piece of my many lives.
Real or imagined, how thrilling it will be to try!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Little Vintage Angel

Well I just had to get one more vision painted before I spend a day or two or three on the garden! Oh I know it will be more likely a week or more for the garden to be cleaned out and the seeds sowed but one can dream huh? Usually here in upstate New York we would be taking our chances planting anything so soon but this year it has been strangely warm very early in the season and so I am going to take a chance and get going. I know one thing for sure the darned grass is acting like it's July already. I am getting the urge to paint some flowers....hmmm, maybe it is truly Spring after all.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Ultimate Mother

I had the urge to work on something for Mother's Day and as always I think of Mother Mary! Is there any better example of love and devotion? I always feel so woefully inadequate when trying to portray someone of this stature but I think it is human nature to try to put a face to those figures we love, admire and wish to emulate.