Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Busy Times

Wow has it been that long since last I posted? Yep I guess it has but in my defense I have been super busy with the garden, the lawn, art, cats and family stuff, LOTS of family stuff.
I just had to make a quick stop and share a few new pieces of art that I labored over recently and then I am going to find the time to visit my fave blogs later today...YAY!

Here's something a little different from my usual....

I used crackle medium on the skin after painting the face white/gray and entitled the painting "Ossified" yep I know just how this dude feels!
Then being on a neutrals roll I painted this...
Ok so enough of the pensive for a more light and happy feeling...

This one is done with glitter and wire, glass beads and lots of metallic paints!

And this little lady is just a fun gal in her fun hat! Hey not everything has to have a deeper meaning...:)

Well I am off once again to add the next layer of paint to a little project I am working on, and I hope this post finds you all happy and well....miss you when I am not here!

Tina xo