Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Keeping Hands and Brains Busy....

Sometimes the best medicine for a weary heart is to create something. This week I spent some time working on a little 12" x 12" acrylic and oil paint work that is definitely different from my usual fare.

                                                   MADAME CHOSE
She has an almost "Art Deco" look to me which was nothing I was aiming for but I like it anyway. The title was a remembered expression of my father's who never really learned French in all the years we lived in Quebec, but he knew this expression which is a generic term for any woman, sort of a "Madame Whoever" if you will.
My dad was from Texas and if you think Dr. Phil is full of cute sayings you should have known my dad!
The other thing I worked on was another little textile piece that I have been experimenting on. My only dilemma is how to mount this??? Some pieces I have seen are mounted on canvas which leads me to believe they have glue applied to the back. My only fear is that will stiffen the fabric and give it a "frozen" look which I don't like. Does anyone have experience mounting textile art?? Please feel free to pass on any info you have garnered.

I had planned on mounting an old spoon over the patch of brown velvet on the right side, I thought that would give it a cozy, homey look. The velvet is special to me as it was in an upholstery book filled with many samples of cotton velvet in different colors that my son found in someone's discarded trash when he was just 7 years old. Even then he knew his mom loved anything that could be used to make something pretty and Montreal is a great city for finding discarded treasures!  I really do miss trash days in Montreal!!!
Today though I plan on finishing a little painting in watercolor and gouache that is going to become my header for this blog and my Etsy shop. I have wanted to learn how to make a decent header for awhile now and Etsy has a quick and easy tutorial that even I can understand!

                                       Now for a quick Pumpkin update!
Pumpkin is holding his own for now. He is eating well and still preening his fur and paws but his right eye looks like the pupil is " blown" which is an indication of a stroke or some neurological problem. I spoke with the vet and she was kind enough to level with me and explain that in her opinion Pumpkin probably has generalized cancer and there is really nothing, at his age, that can be done about it so I am spending lots of time with him, holding and rocking him (his favorite thing) and whispering love to him.
Animals are always brave and accepting of life's circumstances, it's we humans who rail against fate and curse the darkness rather light a candle, (well I find myself doing that a lot) I am getting better though which must be the wisdom of age! I do believe that there is beauty in everything life offers us and I am trying very hard to find the beauty in this experience so these precious moments with Pumpkin will leave me changed in a good way!
Have a wonderful Tuesday and on Pumpkin's and my behalf I say thank you again for the prayers and well wishes, they have lightened my burden!

Love Tina xo