Monday, November 29, 2010

Fly Away Crow!

Number two of the punch needle saga....

 I love working on these small designs. It is fun sitting quietly and doing the art work and then choosing the colors and back fabric. I still had a few rusted beads from an old vintage necklace and used those on the points for interest. 
I'm putting ti on Ebay or Etsy, I'm not really sure which is the better fit. I'm finding Ebay a little boring lately.
Although I am working on another punch needle, I am also going to try painting a fractur this week. I also have 4 dolls for Christmas that are waiting patiently for completion! So why am I sitting here on the me!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My First Punch Needle Design

I am really excited about this little fella! I drew out the design last weekend but had to wait for the needle to arrive in the mail so I was chomping at the bit by the time it got here!
I find this so relaxing and fun and found a use for some old jewelery beads that I had rusted and saved. After that it was just a matter of getting the little wood base and drilling a hole, adding the dowel, painting and aging.

I had been given some really old thread which was perfect for sewing the beads on. Then I soaked it in tea, dried and stuffed it and added the base. 

I am working on another original design featuring a crow!
This could be like eating peanuts, uh oh!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Madame Royale Marie Therese

I have been reading a great book called "Marie Therese, Child of Terror" by Susan Nagel, a history of Marie Antoinette's daughter who survived the French Revolution. 
It has been very interesting and inspired me to do a quick painting of my impression of her. 
Even though I have upteen things to do I just had to take the time to see if I could put my vision to canvas. 
Now it's back to all the other things clambering for attention....sigh!
Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Girl in Pink

I have been working on this painting off on for a month because there was always something else that just had to be done "right away" and working on this poor girl was put aside. 

Well this morning it's been raining, no one called with a problem, there were no commitments to anyone, the house was tolerable (laundry can wait) so I got to finish her!
I'm putting her on Ebay today....

I still have holiday dolls to finish and as soon as my new Punch needle arrives in the mail I will be starting on a really cute idea I have for holiday punch needle fun! 
I get so much inspiration from all of you blog friends!!!

Have a wonderful evening!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Better To Receive!!!

Yes I know the old saying "Better to Give Than Receive" and I do subscribe to that sentiment most of the time.....but in this instance I have to say I was way more thrilled to receive!
Last week I got my 5 art squares from the Swap sponsored by Jillayne @ a wonderful fabric artist whose work I admire. I was so excited to be a part of something I had never done before and I am so glad I did! As much fun as I had making my 5 squares for the swap I have to say receiving back 5 squares from various artists was WAY more exciting!!!

Being a consummate artist Jillayne made these lovely gift purses to hold our 5 treasures! A beautiful card and precious little cloth heart was included!
And now onto the other gorgeous creations .......
This lovely quilted bird was created by Lucille, a dear friend of Jillayne's who hasn't joined the blogging world yet but I am so looking forward to when she does. Aren't the buttons and topaz colored jewel for the eye a wonderful touch? Lucille also took the time to quilt this beautiful piece! I love the colors, subtle and Autumnal perfect for this time of year!
This amazing artist is named Genevieve and note how the center of this piece is 3 dimensional! It's like looking through a window at two friends exchanging gifts. She added a rich red velvet backdrop that just shouts Christmas to me and sets the holiday mood! The detail on this piece is unbelievable!
What can I say, this is so precious! Who doesn't love a sweet little girl with her crown and magic wand at the ready to bestow happy holiday wishes on everyone? This wonderful artist is named Marie and her art work is such a treasure.....note the glitter on the wand and the music sheet in the background, it is a piece of fabric! There are vintage buttons added for a homey Christmas feel. As soon as I saw this little girl I thought she should be named Charlotte!
Imagine how excited I was to see this little cutie....I love birds and this little fella looks like he is going to come flying right at you. Appleshoe I had never owned anything felted before and now I can see why it is all the rage! I love the texture and dimension, the bright red berries add such a wonderful punch of color! I love the shiny filament around the edge as I am a big fan of anything that sparkles. This little guy's label says he is a Tufted Titmouse! I love the little black bead eye as it seems he is looking right at you!

And finally the last Holiday treat is this fabulous piece by Michele who has a lovely blog with her mom where they create beautiful vintage pieces that speak of a time when family was all you needed to make a holiday special.
The background is a music sheet "Home Sweet Home" appropriately with a sweet picture of grandma reading to the little ones in front of a fire. The special touches that Michele and her mom added are a little wooden boy in a lovely gauze bag adorned with a rusty jingle bell! A sweet bit of vintage green lacework runs along the side! Wow!

I can still not believe the work everyone put into this swap! I am so honored to have been a part of it and again I have to say ..thank you Jillayne, for all the work you put into it (and it was a huge amount of work) for your help and patience. Getting to know you and all these lovely artists was the real prize! I am so looking forward to devising the perfect way to display my precious squares for the holidays and for many years to come whenever I bring it out for Christmas I will be reminded of all you wonderful ladies and your very talented hands!

Sweet yourself a favor and please do visit the wonderful blogs of all these lovely ladies, it is well worth the time!
Tina xo