Sunday, June 18, 2017


On this special day set aside for dads everywhere I want to share a photo of my dad when he was all of 18 serving in the Cavalry at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. 

My dad Clarence L Smith from Houston Texas is on the left and his buddy Bill Spade from Saginaw Michigan is on the right. 
My father loved working with horses all his life and the Cavalry was the perfect place for him!

I have many great memories of my dad, he was an outdoorsman who was happiest living close to the land. He built the first home we lived in in Splendora Texas and built it so well it withstood a tornado. He had a sarcastic sense of humor that took no prisoners, and in spite of some glaring faults I love and miss him still!

For all the dads out there I wish you a wonderful day filled with joyous memories!

Love Tina xo


  1. That's sweet! No confirmation, but my dad's uniform shows he was in the Cavalry, as well.

  2. I love this picture, and knowing a little bit about your Dad. I think our Dad's were cut from the same cloth -
    Mine was also in the service, and also had those glaring faults that came from being so driven in what he did in the army. But there are many good and treasured memories to remember on days like today.


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