Wednesday, June 17, 2015

This Year's far!

Every year I am blown away with how things emerge differently due to the Winter just past or the Spring we are haves and that was it!ing. This year the rain once again changed the pattern I had gotten used to a few years ago. The warm up in January played havoc with my poor Forsythia once again and they failed to have those lovely yellow blooms I love so much. Once again it just grew green leaves and that was it! The poppies too were negligible and lasted a day or two and then dropped. Sad....
But hey the Irises held on and now the Daylilies are sending up flower stocks and getting ready to pop soon. As always the ever faithful Sunflowers are  are even more prolific than ever so soon I will have some scrumptious photos of those sweet garden friends. I love them because they attract the bees and when I see those little fellas working each day I feel like indeed "God is in His heaven and all is right with the world" !
 My adored Irises! I want many more in every color available because they remind me of ladies vintage dresses! Kind of shabby chic!
Lavender Irises

I do love my peonies, they are brave little souls and no matter where they were placed (haphazardly) they have thrived and put forth exquisite blooms each year.....


Isn't she lovely?
A few years ago someone gave me a small piece of a plant they called American Bamboo. Now I am not sure that is what it is called everywhere else but since I know no better that is what I call it! It is an intrusive little beggar and has to be savagely cut back each year or it will take over the world, but it can be trimmed into a lovely little shady spot where one could place a yard chair and relax so she remains in her spot despite the work controlling her requires!
American Bamboo

American Bamboo
I am sure you have noticed there is massive amounts of weeding to be done and just as soon as the rain stops for more than 15 minutes I may get a chance to quite the jungle!

And finally for today the beloved and medicinal Comfrey, a favorite of mine and the bees (if the bees love it, I love it)!
 Well, well the sun is coming out and I may yet get my chance to work out there! So I leave you for the moment with a final little photo of one section of my temporarily neglected garden and go search for my garden gloves. 
I hope this Wednesday is kind to all and that something wonderful will happen for each one of you out there today!
Tina xoxo

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  1. Pretty flowers. I don't know what's up with my peonies, not one single blossom this year, yours are beautiful!


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