Thursday, June 11, 2015

"NEW ART" today's special!

Yes I love to paint and do just about anything where I can use my hands and mind to create something lovely! Today I finally finished a piece I have been working on for about a month on and off so without further ado.....

Lots of paper added to the surface before I started (I love texture) and then texture medium for more excitement! I then accented with fabric from the covers of old books and a crow from one of my original stencil designs! She is 12" x 16" and available right now on Etsy

Have a super lovely Thursday!!!

Tina xo

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  1. Tina Girl...I LOVE IT! You are truly an ARTIST and I think your work is beyond fabulous. You are beyond blessed.

    We are honestly on the downhill slide of the remodel. Yesterday we ordered the wood flooring, but just about everything else is done. Once it is truly finished my guy will turn his attention to the downstairs bath and laundry room. It's nothing compared to the kitchen though as all the plumbing, electrical etc. is finished. Just doing the wall and fixtures. Then we are done FOREVAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!



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