Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Garage Sale Find!

I usually don't stop at many garage sales just because I can't always afford it but I had a neighbor who wanted to see what was available at a garage sale down the road from us so off we went.
Imagine my happy surprise that by the road was a box designated for disposal and inside I found what was for me a treasure!
Can you say "lickety split"? Yep that box was in the back of my vehicle in 2 seconds flat!
When I got home I was so thrilled to find these lovely pastel dishes, most of which were in excellent shape.
There were on or two of the bowls that were chipped on the edges but nothing that would detract from my enjoyment of them.
I love the pastel shades, so perfect for these hot, stuffy days. Almost refreshing in their simplicity of design and color!
I checked online and found out that even though it says "Interstate Sunrise Ware", that was a division of Homer Laughlin dishware.
They may not be Limoges or Spode, but I love them all the same and they were FREE!

Have a great day and happy "finding" to all!

Tina xo


  1. oooohhhh! I still don't know why a find like this makes me swoon.How exciting!L u c k y

  2. You cannot beat FREE! I'd be just like you...get that box into the car before somebody else see them!!!!
    Now, you have to make a nice strawberry shortcake and serve it on one of these plates!! OR, in a bowl!!!!

    Lovely 'find'...it was meant to be yours!

  3. The dishes are beautiful! I have a set of dishes that were made by that company. Check out the dish archives on my blog if you have time. Mine came from a thrift stop. Confusion time, I'm addicted to pretty dishes. Love your blog!


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