Thursday, August 4, 2011

Special Prayer Request

My poor little Squeaky was missing for 2 days, which was odd because she is not one to wander but sits on the deck and watches the world go by.
The first day she returned she ate and drank and I thought that with some rest she would perk up, but today she is not eating or going to the bathroom and I am taking her to the vet this afternoon at 4pm.
When she first showed up a year ago staring through my window she looked so pathetic. Undernourished, with missing teeth and with a terrible gash on her side that the vet thought may have been caused by her being thrown from a moving vehicle.
I am hoping that today she may just have an infection that can be treated simply with antibiotics. I had so hoped she would have a few more happy good years here with me and my "gang" of salvaged pets. 
So if you could take a moment and ask the Lord for a little blessing on her behalf I would so appreciate it!
Thanks so much, I love you all a bunch!

Tina xo


  1. I will be saying a special little prayer for Squeaky's well-being.
    Let us know what the vet said, she's a sweet girl !

  2. hope that squeaky gets the time to enjoy your loving care

  3. Let us know how Squeaky does a prayer was sent her way!


  4. Wishing blessings, love, light and healing sparkles for this sweet little soul!


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