Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Something Old and Something New

I am still having a love affair with texture and enjoying every minute and this past week the painting I was working on just screamed for a frame. So into the abyss that is my spare room I went to look through my collection of old frames.
I always seem to come across old, mangled frames whenever I stop at a garage sale and when I spot one that says "Adirondack" all over it I grab it and haul it home!

Although I had to adjust the size of this frame to fit the painting, I think all in all it was a perfect fit for the subject and colors.
I did put a new protective coat of Poly over it as the original finish was worn and I wanted to keep it looking old and vintage while not losing anymore of the finish.

 So I am happy with the results and anxious to move on to the next project........small hint....
The painting will be on Ebay today...have a great Tuesday and keep moving forward!

Love Tina xo


  1. Tina, Thank you for coming by my place.I love your comment and quote.You encourage me with your art.It's beautiful and I learn from you by looking at your paintings up close.I think I already told you? Painting is my husband's and mine new love.Twice a month we go to painting classes together-Denise

  2. Oh yes, right now I can only post with anonymous with a few friends sites -Wierd glitch?But this is Me-Denise

  3. Tina, I have so enjoyed scrolling through your blog and looking at your art! I think the frame is perfect for this new piece, and I really loved the blue chair painting. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Dr appt went well, and now it's back to the couch. Oh well..... It's all about healing right now.


  4. Tina, that is some great work, looking close at the picture...amazing!


  5. OK girly...I'm totally LOVING IT! Beautiful work!


  6. Thanks Tina for your sweet comment on my blog. Your work is beautiful. Love the frame and love the texture of your painting!

  7. Hi Tina, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words. My painting is watercolour, I find that I prefer it to gouache which is very flat and does not blend as easily. I use gouache for textile designs were the colours have to be separate.

    Your paintings are lovely and full of life and colour.

  8. Like everyone before me that commented I too love this it is beautiful.
    Another painting that has blown me away.
    You must come on my site and show everyone your work. I will be waiting for your Blogazine story.lol
    Love ya

  9. Tina -- this painting reminds me of the folk art painted over 200 years ago! You should do a series. I love this!

  10. Love the flowers in this painting, the speak to you!

  11. Love the red colores. You know me, bold is in. You have been doing some cool work this summer. Keep on creating.


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