Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot Shower

Well what a day we had at the baby shower! It was hot, HOT, HOT! But fun too.......
We were greeted by the crowing of the hostess' rooster...

Here is the sweet mom-to-be Betty, (fresh from the swimming pool) with her mom Nancy on the right and auntie Linda on the left.                 

Betty with 2 friends who are also expecting to deliver SOON! (I hope this is not catching?)

Here is Grandpa and I trying to pretend it is cool outside!

Betty with great grandma....

Opening gifts with auntie Karen on the right and mom-in-law on the left.

Little Miss Attitude (on the romper) was Betty's nickname too!

Life just wouldn't be complete without the ribbon hat, would it?
And finally the cake......

Altogether it was a grand day and Betty received many lovely gifts, the food was fabulous, the setting perfect.....but darned I wish I had brought a bathing suit!

Tina xo


  1. the pics are adorable Tina..she looks goodness even in a bikini cute!! I love that hat you have look so cute too girl! Love ya

  2. It looks like you had a great day!

    I'm not sure if Blogger glitched, but some of the photos are up several times.


  3. Looks like a happy Mom-to-be, yes, it does look a little catchy, doesn't it?

    I got the same glitch, over and over and over.

  4. It looks great but do you give a party before the baby is born?????????

  5. Thank god you had a pool! It is so hot,but it looks like a great time anyway! What fun times you have ahead


  6. oh baby!!! Looks like a fun gathering and everyone looks cool.
    Computers and all that tech-stuff. You never know what to expect.
    Mine is fixed as of this morning....for how long...who knows.
    Stay cool,

  7. Hey sweet Tina....looks like SOOOOO MUCH FUN! I LOVE BabyShowers. :) Such a happy celebration!

    It rained a tiny bit in Oklahoma today. Not enough...but some. Sooo thankful!


  8. You and your hubby are sure a cute couple! Looks like a fun shower -- I love that the guest of honor was in her swimsuit! :)

  9. Oops! Sorry about the hubby comment. I need to read more carefully or something. ;)


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