Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One Of My Favorite Blogs

Oh there are so many blogs that are just filled with such inspiration, but today I have a completed project that was inspired by Carol's wonderful blog The Polka Dot Closet!
This amazing lady can take the most ordinary item and turn it into something beautiful to behold and do it with simple, clear instructions, that cost very little to accomplish. Perfect for me!
Whether you are a crafter who wants to find great ideas for your next show or just want to create a more lovely home inexpensively Carol is one of the best "go-to" gals I know for crafting ideas!
So naturally when I was recently given an old greenish, metal lamp that had belonged to my aunt (and really didn't suit me at all) I thought "what can I do to spruce it up? 
Carol had taken something similar and painted it, distressed it and added crystals to make it into a one of a kind candle holder and that idea stuck with me. So when I was contemplating this old lamp (the glass globe had broken years ago) Carol's creation jump to mind and voila!
I had been lucky enough to get hold of 3 huge cookie tins of crystals from a friend who had worked for Schonbek here in upstate New York a few years back, so all I had to purchase was a can of spray paint and some jump rings. 
Of course now I need to get a lovely pillar candle to do the holder true justice! 
So thank you Carol for generously sharing your knowledge with all of your followers.
If you haven't had the chance to visit Carol's blog, give yourself a treat and drop by, you will love it!

Tina xo


  1. It looks pretty darn cool! I do like dangling crystals... um... anywhere!

  2. Yay..how wonderful and magical..your creation is gorgeous! and thanks for the lovely link to this magnificent lady..she rocks!Wonderful tribute to her blog..
    Have a sparkling day

  3. I love this. You really took it to a whole new dimension!Love the little cherub.

  4. Ok, THAT is great! Carol is truly a wonderful inspiration and I checked out her blog. WOW. Lots of fun things to re-make! FUN.

    So, now you need a nice candle for your creation...the light will sparkle off those crystals. I hadn't heard of that company before, but lucky you to have SO many! And a girl can't have too much "bling" can she!?!?!

    Have a great day and thanks for sharing!


  5. Wow...First your project and secondly the shout out! I was just cruising through my blog reader and Goodness the Polka Dot Closet caught my eye! Girl that is much prettier than anything I have ever made! I love it! I swear we could hang crystals on a pig and it would be magnificent! I am truly honored!


  6. wow, what a great project - i love it! also, love love your frida, she is stunning.

  7. I like it , I like it! It would be great to use atop a wicker table with a floral tablecloth and a beautiful tea pot.

    PS> You have captured that kitty beautifully in the painting below>

  8. I just love Carol and you are so right, she always has such great inspiration! Your new candle holder is gorgeous Tina!
    Have fun soldering, I can't wait to see what you create... t. xoxoo
    You are right about the transfers, after I get the download from Graphique then print it off onto transfer paper and iron it on the fabric.
    easy peasy!

  9. looks like you are having fun,
    hugs, Evi


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