Sunday, July 10, 2011

Frida in Oil

Like everyone else I have been having a huge amount of trouble with Blogger. I have to sneak in the back way as I call it and even then there are times it will refuse to load for me.
Consequently I have managed to get a lot of chores done both for myself and a good friend who needed my help the past 2 weeks.
Today though, I worked on a painting I had started last month and thought today I would give her another coat of oil colors and as of this minute I am happy with it so far. She needs a lot more shadowing I believe. 
I tend to see things I way I want them and not as they are, but for now here she is.....
I had to take the photo indoors as there is a horrible wind blowing outside today and I couldn't take the chance that she would end up 2 counties over, so there is a lot of glare....oh well c'est la vie!

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday, whatever you are doing!


  1. Oh she's glowing! I wonder whether Frida's as visited you and had a peek at herself in your style! Lovely!

  2. It does seem that we are having more and more problems with blogger. Today, I have been getting "server not available".

    Wish I could get my buns in gear and paint - my hands shake so badly, anymore. I probably can't.

  3. Very beautiful painting of an intriguing woman and artist.

  4. Just an amazing powerful picture of Frida..I just LOVE watching that show with Selma Hyak (sp)..what a life Frida lived...Tina, you really did awesome on this...your one talented artist girl...((Hugs)) Love ya

  5. Oh she's really beautiful, I love the colors that make her look so regal and proud--My husband happened to see her too and thought the same thing!

  6. Oh I wish I could paint! Great job. I can't wait to see what projects you are working on!


  7. That is just beautiful Tina! YOu are such a wonderful artist! t.xoxoxo


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