Thursday, July 8, 2010

Special Post

                If you haven't heard of Abi Monroe the renowned doll artist then you are missing something very special!
Her blog is located at:

Recently she decided to hold a Giveaway of 2 of her fabulous dolls (pictured here) to benefit her local SPCA.
This Giveaway is available until the 12th of July when the winning number will be drawn by Abi's local chapter of the SPCA. Please go have a look at her wonderful work and please do try to get a ticket or 2 or ...well you get the idea, it's for sweet homeless pets and that's enough for me to know. The tickets are $2 each and all the details are on her blog. Her work is amazing so enjoy your visit with her!


  1. Beautifully enchanting...gorgeous!

  2. Hi Tina,
    I was visiting Carmelina's blog and saw your swan profile pic, curiosty caught me and I thought I would pop over. I love swans too, in fact I've just started on what will be a series of embroidered swans and dancers...I just thought you might like to check it out. I'll post another pic later today. Those dolls are gorgeous I'll have to have a look at that now:) xo

  3. Hi Tina, so lovely to hear from you. The deja'vu? After reading the book by Kim Kivves Heaven thru Jesus. Says we see our earthly life before we come here and this is why we get the deja'vu feelings. We learn through each experience and a friend of her's who is disabled was angry for years at her mom as she druck alcohol and made her handicapped. The Jesus came to her and told her she agreed this body as she wanted everyone who looked at her to be gratefull that they are ok and thank God at that moment, thus opening them up to his love.
    Sounds extrordinary and if so these people in disabled bodies are such beautiful loving spirits and the one's who care for them.
    Loads of Love to you Tina!



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