Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Purple/Lavender Painting

It has been a really busy week and I love it, I get way more ideas when I am under pressure and they are ideas I honestly WANT to remember.

As an artist the one thing that always wears me out is "composition".  I so envy people who can see the finished image clear as day in their mind's eye and then execute that image with zero angst. I am trying to adopt the motto 
"not for me the furrowed brow" but I find my brow furrowed enough to plant potatoes some days.

Well in this case it kind of came together nicely I thought and I was happy with it after only 2 days of work (a miracle)!

I had started it a year ago in completely different colors and I was not happy with it and had no idea why. It was hanging in the spare room where I wouldn't see it too often and so the other day in browsing around in there I spotted it and thought "purple/lavender"!

 It already had the black background, which I liked so no hassles there. I find working in oil has been really rewarding and so far I am finding it a lot more interesting than acrylics. I guess everything has it's place!

Well off it goes to Ebay! Have a great creative day!


  1. I am glad you are doing art again. Looking good.

  2. This is beautiful Tina I love those colors.

  3. Super gorgeous...fabulous..love the colors and energy to the piece..wonderful!

  4. It's beautiful Tina, just beautiful! I am the same way - nothing comes all at once for me - dribs and drabs and a bit at a time. I am getting used to it though and have learned to trust it - the right idea comes at the right time!

  5. Hello Tina,
    Thanks for coming to my tea party!
    It wouldn`t have been the same without you!
    You are such a ray of sunshine!
    By the way... what a wonderful gift you have!
    This painting along with your others are divine!


  6. “The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” — Henry David Thoreau

    It is wonderful to be able to create for pleasure, to enrich our lives and others.


  7. Dear Tina, this painting is adorable, love the rich colors!!!
    maria cecilia

  8. This is gorgeous, and the composition is lovely. I know what you mean with the composition thing...I always have to sketch mine out before I start. ^_^

    <3 Laura Beth

  9. Fantastic Tina. Wish I could paint :O)

  10. Tina, this is gorgeous!! I'm scared of oils but really need to take a lesson or two just to get comfortable enough to experiment I guess.
    Hope it sells HIGH, HIGH, HIGH on ebay! Good luck!

  11. What a beautiful painting......I will now follow your blog, it's very good.

  12. Honey this is beautiful! I always love visiting you and seeing what lovelies you have created.
    Your comment you left me this morning had me laughing so hard. Thanks for the great idea of marking both ends...only a artist like yourself would of thought of it. Now what color should I use on a old white canvas. lol
    I have to get over to ebay and see what all you have. When I get back to work I have to go shopping

  13. It's just beautiful, Tina. The colors are so full and rich. You have inspired me to dig deeper. Blessings, Patty

  14. This is so beautiful. Love the colors.

  15. Ok, I've missed something BIG TIME. I did NOT know you were such an amazing artist girl. WOW...Tina, I just love it! I'm a wanna be artist..You girl, definitely have a beautiful gift.

  16. how beautiful!!! im only now visiting for teacup tuesday but im glad i didnt miss seeing this!!! Happy belated loveliness!!!

  17. This is a lovely painting You are very talented. I know what you mean by people who can visualise the whole thing i have the same problem as you. I like the combination of the colours in this.

  18. Gorgeous!!! such a great work. The purple color looks beautiful.


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