Friday, July 2, 2010

Project Genesis

First I want to shout out a quick thank you to OldGreyMare for coming up with this great idea and also to SeaWitch for posting the link so I could read about it and participate.
Ok today I have just a simple thing to share and you all probably think about this anyway but I almost blew it yesterday. I am one of those people who chew through electronics especially wireless phones.
They don't last more than a year for me and then the battery just won't hold a charge anymore. I had decided to get a new one and was about to throw this miserable hunk of junk in the trash when it occurred to me that it contained a re-chargeable battery. Now I am careful about all the other batteries I have but when a battery is hidden like this one it is easy in the rush of the day to just chuck the whole thing in the trash bag. Well because of this Project I have been a little more aware about what I am doing the last few days and just as I was aiming for the trash bin I stopped and a light bulb went off in my head! The Battery!!! It's easy to unhitch from it's mooring and now it can go in the box I keep for old batteries. Luckily for me a number of local stores do have bins for old batteries so disposal is not a problem.  Have a great Styrofoam-free day...:)


  1. Tina,

    Good for you! I know that many people forget about the batteries, and as a society we each go through hundreds a year. It is so easy to think oh, Heck I don't have the time to stop and do the right thing. Time? How about a century of leaching in a landfill?

    It really is the little things sometimes.

    Thank you so much for joining Genesis this first time. See you August 1st too I hope.


  2. good battery tip! isn't old grey mare cool for throwing this great party?!

  3. It's great that this party got you thinking about that battery. It's so important that we stop and think " what exactly are we throwing out?" and is it hazardous.

  4. I have also just discovered a store that recycles old batteries.. very useful as I use lots (my camera takes them..) Thank you for your blog visit!


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