Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Teacup Tuesday!
Today I chose what my grandmother Marianne Bouchard-VanDette thought of as one of her everyday cups.                                                
She loved pale yellow and this cup shows that love perfectly. 
It has a small rose cluster inside the rim and some gold trim around the edges. But the charm I believe lies in the way the white and yellow shading is arranged in scalloped or fluted edges.

I have arranged the cup and saucer on a bought doily that came from grandmere's stash, and the stamp on the back reads: 

Royal Stewart
Spencer Stevenson
Have a wonderful Tuesday and try to stay cool with a lovely cup of tea!


  1. So beautiful and special...and such enchanting and charming photos..! Inspiring!

  2. So lovely and made even more special because it came from your Grandmother. Take care.

  3. The pale yellow color is rare and very special.

  4. Beautiful! I just love the rose pattern inside.

  5. What a pretty teacup! The shape and colour is lovely, and so wonderful that it had belonged to your grandmother! A real treasure!


  6. Hi :) This is such a beautiful, and very special teacup you have shared with us! I love the soft pale yellow and the sweet little rose on the inside. MOst of the cups that I have are in colors of either pink, blues or greens...I don't have a yellow one in my collection. Seeing your beautiful cup makes me want to add one to it :) Thank you for sharing this lovely cup with us today.

    Happy Teacup Tuesday!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  7. Hi Tina!

    What a charming teacup! And your display is so sweet with the lace and flowers!
    I think the combination of soft yellow with pink roses is so cottage chic!
    Thanks for sharing your dear grandmothers treasure!!

    Hugs and Smiles,

  8. What a lovely tea cup! Take care..


  9. Roses always give elegant Tea Cups...
    Thank you for your visit
    and Happy Tea Cup Tuesday!

  10. How beautiful....and special that it was your grandmother's. And another one today with yellow on it. Your photos are so well done, too! Just lovely!

  11. Hi: I love your beautiful tea cup. What a treasure that it belonged to Grandma. You are a lucky lady. Have a wonderful week. Praying for you. Blessings, Martha

  12. How lovely to have this cup from your grandmother. It is a beautiful cup, such a precious yellow with the pretty flower inside. I love the fluting as well.
    Thank you for sharing about it today. You and I both had yellow cups today : )

  13. That is beautiful. Beyond the lovely color and the flower, I love the unique scalloped edge of the cup and saucer. In fact, I recently bought a scalloped cup and saucer at a thrift store. I just HAD to have it because its shape is so unique.

    You photographed it so beautifully.

    And, in response to your comment on my blog, yes, a son that can fix your computer is just as wonderful as a daughter who makes teacup topiaries. What a blessing we are given in our children.


  14. Such a beautiful tea cup! The pale yellow makes it extra special! I want it!!! LOL!


  15. I love your teacup and saucer; The fluted sides of the teacup and the way the design makes the saucer's edge look scalloped is so elegant.

  16. What a beautiful and elegant tea cup!! I love the scalloped edges of the saucer!! So pretty!!


  17. love the tea cups. I just rearranged my dish cupboards and came across four different old tea cups, that at one time I brought back from Germany. They also have little cake plates.
    You inspired me to use them next time I have tea with someone special, but first the heat wave has to break. Ice tea for now!!!!!!!
    God bless, Evi

  18. Your tea cup is very pretty. I love that pale yellow color and the gorgeous shape. Your lace and flowers with it make a lovely display.

  19. Sorry The heat must have me in a fog. You grandmother's teacup is beautiful.
    Sorry for the duplicate messages.
    I will now go and sit by the fan!


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