Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Little Fabric Work

Over this hideously cold winter I have been spending a lot of time in the house trying to stay warm and going through art and crafting supplies looking for inspiration. I had a lovely collection of vintage suit ties and hand dyed fabric bits just crying out to be assembled into something and here is the result.

The second one incorporates pieces of cotton shirts purchased at thrift stores and cotton ticking salvaged from two 70 year old mattress. I can tell you that was a heck of a job cutting the fabric from the mattress!
I am quite enamored with "found" objects and salvaged items and this year I an planning in dabbling with what is termed "Outsider Art". Stay tuned for some interesting posts this year..:)

I hope you are finding interesting ways to while away this freezing weather and if we all wish hard enough maybe, just maybe we will have an early Spring!

Happy Tuesday to all....
Tina xo


  1. I'm having trouble getting warm this past few days...bring on Spring.
    I love your creations, and am particularly drawn to the second one... so beautiful.

  2. I will certainly stay tuned - I look forward to seeing your outsider art! I adore mattress ticking and applaud your tenacity for salvaging it - beautiful creation Tina!

  3. I love both of them. So unique and lovely! I love art quilts and collages and the fact that you used found fabrics from old pieces of clothing and such makes them even more special. Warm wishes, Tammy

  4. I love the idea of the mattress ticking - good for you for sticking it out and salvaging it! Both of these pieces are amazing - I am always in awe of what can be done with bits and pieces of this and that - well done!


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