Friday, March 16, 2012

Today Is The First Day....etc....

Wow when I go on a downer I go for the long trip! And yes I do suffer from depression and no I do not medicate as meds and I do not mix, so I wait it out, watch the "Secret" or Wayne Dyer and say beaucoup prayers! For me the "Lord's Prayer" is the most powerful prayer ever and works every time!
Yep I sit in a dark corner and go into the ugly cry and feel incredibly sorry for myself until it is over. I wanted to share this because I know I am not the only person out there who feels badly afterwards that they haven't posted in a few weeks because there just didn't seem to be anything worthwhile to post about but there it is.
Anyway I crawled back out of the pit and did a painting that means a lot to me so I thought today would be a great day to post and share!
The background is covered in photocopies of letters my grandparents wrote to each other during the Depression. There are also a few fragments of letters my mom and aunt wrote to their father also. Most are from 1936 when grandpa was working in Pictou, Nova Scotia. He designed, built and installed boilers (heating systems) and managed to keep working all through the Depression with his trade. I still have some if his notebooks filled with his designs and scribbled notes.

The second wonderful thing the Lord blessed me with
during this last few weeks was the blooming of an old orchid that destined for the trash and I rescued her and have been nursing her for a couple of years, and finally she chose this past week to bloom.
So this week ended on a happy, bright note and this weekend I have loads of artwork to get to and I love it! I will also ....gasp....have time to visit  my favorite blogs and see how everyone else is doing. 
Love to all!
Tina xo


  1. Don't you feel 'Saintly' when you save a plant and it flourishes? Well, it's a good feeling, anyway. It really is beautiful!

    Love your painting, love the ideas in the painting. I never would have thought to do that. Very Cool!

    Glad you are feeling better!

  2. Good for you Tina, find your own path for dealing with your issues.. I too dont medicate as meds seem to act exactly opposite of what they were intended to do.. Last month I totally removed sugar or any food that turns to sugar in the body and it has really helped me. My lows are few and not nearly as LOW as before and only last short bursts of time..

    I wish you peace and happiness.

  3. Wondered where you were. And am happy you had the courage to post why. My dau has the same condition but she takes meds for it and I wish she would not. But what can you do?

    Glad you came through your time and now are back painting. I adore this new one...the letters give the piece such a warmth and history. It's just wonderful.

    And the blooming of the Orchid? Kismet.

    Stay well. And paint more because I love what you do.

  4. Sorry to read that you have a difficult time every so often, but very glad you up and at them now. Art is very restorative I find. Really like your painting and the words in the background really add to it. I think the flower bloomed to cheer you up.

  5. What a courage to share this! Keep the painting as a treasure to remind you that struggle can give 'flowers' to your soul, as your orchidee shows! i made an artcard on this theme:

  6. Art work and a beautiful orchid are wonderful notes to end the week. The background words in the painting are a great addition.

  7. I love what you did with the old letters and the painting atop. Life can get you down sometimes, art can often lift you up. It's good that you have the gift of art.... and orchids.

  8. Hi Tina! I struggle with depression as well and do the same thing you do. However, I don't have the talent to make such a lovely piece of art, but I do get to enjoy your work, and I can almost smell that beautiful orchid from here--It works for me, it has put a smile on my face! :-D!! I hope you're enjoying your weekend!!

  9. Tina, I'm sorry for reading your words. I strongly hope our Art can help in this situation.Your painting is so meaningful.

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog, I really appreciated.

  10. Hi Tina!Im glad to hear you are feeling a bit better.Isnt depression and awful thing.But I must say you are extemely blessed with having the talent you have.Its lovely work,I hope in a small way its a catharsis for you.

    Blessings...have a nice enw week.It was nice seeing you on my blog comments.

  11. This post was so uplifting!It doesn't sound as if you were down,wonders and blessings from the Lord :) Thank you so much for your kind and generous comment on My painting,so sweet of you.Denise

  12. Your cabin is fantastic and your orchid is amazing,that's never happened for me.

  13. You poor dear. I medicate my depression and anxiety -- it's not 100% effective, but I know what sorta works for me and what doesn't.

    Beautiful artwork and that orchid is lovely. Wishing you a wonderful week. :)

  14. Dear Tina
    I so admire your courage and determination, being aware of your mind and being able to pull yourself out of those down times and being so honest about it too. Thank goodness you have your art which can feed your heart. Little steps is all you need to take even caring for a plant can rekindle self love again.
    You are doing just GREAT!
    Even coming to leave a sweet comment takes courage again and it is soooo very appreciated by me dear friend,
    Have a peaceful weekend,
    Big hugs to you,


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