Sunday, November 27, 2011

My First Attempt at Soldered Jewelery

Well I finally did it! I soldered my first piece of jewelery and I think I am hooked.

Here it is displayed against a piece of my handmade paper. The photo I used was rescued from being burned at the end of a rummage sale and appears to be from the 1920's-1930's era.
It shows 3 cute little Adirondack girls from one of the towns around here in upstate New York.
I chose a simple piece of scrapbook paper for the back and I think it fits the theme perfectly. 
I have to say I am really looking forward to making more of these pendants (of course I haven't burned myself on the soldering iron yet, that may change my mind).
Let's face it I just love making things!!!
These little  ladies are going over to my shop at Etsy!
I hope everyone is having a great evening and that you had fun creating today too.

Tina xo


  1. Good that you got the hang of it! :-) That's cute!
    I never could :(

  2. cute it came out! Love that photo of those little ones! Oh, you have another talent now and I think you're on a roll. Can't wait to see what you make next.

  3. excellent job! this looks awesome. Ive tried to solder and was just terrible at it! this is beautiful :)

  4. I have always wanted to try that! It is sooo cute!


  5. I love it, and I love how you decided to give it a vintage touch--perfect!

  6. Hi Tina!I think I followed you when I blogged before.I saw you on Tammys blog so Im back to follow again.Lovely vintage necklace to sweet.


  7. whoa! i'm soooooo impressed. beautiful!

  8. You did a splendid job !
    I'd love to try this myself....

  9. You did a GREAT job!! That's something I'd love to try too someday. I'm glad you liked it and I look forward to seeing more :)

  10. I took a soldering for virgins class from Sally Jean in her Portland Studio and loved it. Bought all the stuff and really thought I would take to it...It's been over 3 years! and nope... But some day :D Glad you are having fun.

  11. Oh Miss T...I soooo want to learn how to do this! I'm SKERD...:( I LOVE IT!


  12. Oh, you did a great job! I'm impressed.....I've done this, and mine always come out "very rustic/primitive"! Glad you are enjoying it!

  13. like your jewelry piece,. want to try that myself one of these days. on list, long list, of things i want to do.

    blessings, and thanks for following my blog.

    barbara jean


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