Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dear Mariet!

Recently I entered a giveaway sponsored by Mariet Caris @ The Mirror. and won the most wonderful gift of 2 pieces of mohair used for doll's hair! I have wanted to try mohair on a doll for ages but could never find the extra money to order any. To say I was thrilled is an understatement and when the package arrived from the Netherlands I could hardly wait to open it!
I have been a follower of Mariet's for a while now and love her art and her precious dolls, if you have never been over to visit her blog please do take the time to pay her a visit....

Inside the envelope was the loveliest postcard...
with instructions on how to properly cut the mohair for placement on a doll's head and the precious mohair....
                   One piece white and one yellow!
Thank you so much Mariet for the beautiful mohair, I am so going to enjoy working with it and adding it to the dolls I am working on.
Have a lovely Sunday!

Tina xo


  1. What a wonderful, special treat! I can't wait to see your dolls.

  2. So kind of you to mention this in your blog!

  3. I am looking foreword to seeing just how you do the hair, so please do a step by step. That was a very lucky win!!!


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