Monday, October 10, 2011

Small Projects Can Be Fun!

I love Texture and recently I found a jar of Golden's Fiber Paste that I had purchased a year ago and forgot I had...duh!
So last week I started a little project aptly named "Cupcake" that allowed me to utilize an old spoon from my collection as well. Heaven!
I also added a couple of stamps, but hating to overdo anything, I stopped after adding a vintage clutch of posies and a small bangle from a very old Indian anklet to the spoon.
All in all a fun little piece. As a side note I am hoping this picture only shows up once on this post. I have been told by a few of you that on occasion my photos show up in multiples even though I only loaded it once. Weird, but then what would life be without some weird in it?
On to the next project....this little lady will in my Etsy store later!
Have a great day and blessings to all!

Tina xo


  1. Hi

    What a lovely and tastful painting amd it shows up 5 times! :)

  2. The sight of your cupcake makes my mouth water! FABULOUS Tina!

    Happy day to you...


  3. Now that's cute! All four big ones and the smaller one too! The spoon adds just the right touch :-)

  4. Love this! Your are so talented!

  5. Hello Tina!!! It has been a long time!!! I wanted to start by saying how much I love and enjoy hearing from you!! Thank-you for your friendship and kind comments that you leave on my blog! I feel like we are cut from the same cloth when it comes to how we both feel about animals, but cut from a different one in our talents--I really love this!! Its bright, cheery and shows a whimsical side of your creativity, and looks good enough to eat!! :-)

  6. Hi Tina,
    Now that is a tastey creation. I love it with the vivid colors and the addition of the spoon is perfect. You are so talented and creative.

    Yes, the pics are in multiplies but that's okay, I enjoyed each and everyone.

    Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comments. It is always special to have your visit.

    Sending hugs,
    Celestina Marie

  7. Fun project, Tina! Sweet as a cupcake! :)
    Have a great week,
    ~ Zuzu

  8. Yummy! :) I love Golden's Fiber Paste, it gives such great texture, and you have used it so creatively! Love this!

  9. so sweet! pardon the pun... I will have to give the fiber paste a try! t. xoxoox


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