Monday, May 23, 2011

A Little Bird Told Her

I am glad to say that I am starting off this week with a piece of artwork I managed to complete this past weekend!
                       A LITTLE BIRD TOLD HER
I wanted to head in a different direction and work on canvas board rather than stretched canvas and design a way of framing the board that would suit the feeling I wanted. The frame is still in the works but the painting is done.

I find it hard to get good photos where the colors are as bright and clear as they are in person, maybe one day soon I will have to invest in a new and fancier camera.
I hope everyone is having a great creative start to the week. 
God bless those who have been effected by the horrible weather we have had lately. Stay safe wherever you are!


  1. Lovely art work, and it looks like the bird is telling the woman something, perhaps a secret.

  2. Tina,
    WONDERFUL painting! It's happy and bright and just so pretty. You are amazing...I can't draw to save my life, so appreciate people who can! Wht a happy post despite the tragedy in MO. And it seems that another storm is over them right now.


  3. Good afternoon Tina....first off...thanks for stopping by. Second....this painting is gorgeous!! I can tell your love of color right away.

    I also scrolled down about your post with health issues. Health issues can be scary at times...but it does sound like yours is in check...and I know you are brave!!! (O:(O:

    Nice meeting you and looking forward to getting to know you.


  4. Hi Tina!

    Love the bright colors! I wonder what the little birdie is telling her?

    Cannot believe there was more devastation! Our weather patterns are really raising Cain, makes a person wonder what will be next?

  5. Very beautiful! Hard to imagine that the color could be better!

  6. This is a wonderful piece of artwork Tina I just love the bright colours and the painting itself.

  7. Very beautiful painting!

  8. i love her red hair and red lips!

    (did you ever manage your needle phobia?)

  9. The picture is gorgeous! I finally invested in a big girl camera with my tax return, it is a huge investment YIKKES $400-$500. I am having a lot of fun with it and my blog pics have gotten so much better


  10. Wow. I do love the colors. Very nice blend for the background and the hair is wounderfull.

  11. Very pretty! Its at once dreamy and vibrant. Love the contrast of the warm hair with the cool bird. very nice!~

  12. I love the color combination and the subject matter. My thrill yesterday was when one of the chickadees lit on my hand and just sat there looking at me. "We bonded!" Thanks for your visit and sweet comments. If you are looking for a small watercolor kit with water brush, I highly recommend The Koi set. Not very much money and the paints are creamy and great colors.Measures 4 1/2 by6 inches, has 24 colors, a water brush, a palette. Made by Sakura. I think I got mine thru Amazon. It slips right in my purse. Just a thought. I blogged about it awhile back & even painted a picture of it, if you want to look. Smiles, Sharon


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