Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Am Chicken!

I have to apologize for not posting in quite awhile and it isn't because I wasn't accomplishing things that would have been fun to share, but I had one issue that left me quaking in my boots and caused me so much anxiety that everything else seemed small and trite. 
First let me tell you that I live in a state of trepidation over certain issues.
Let me briefly explain....2 years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and with a few little pills and a good diet I had it under control.....until last month when suddenly the pills stopped working! At that point my doctor decided that insulin was the way to go. Well with the new Flexpen delivery system one would think "no problem"...hmmmm, except for one tiny thing. I have a NEEDLE PHOBIA! Yep I have been sitting here for over a month staring at that pen and shaking. Now if I knew anyone else who uses a Flexpen that I could emulate maybe that would help but no dice.
And in all fairness the nurse walked me through it and even stuck the darned thing in me and I didn't feel a thing! So what's the problem? To do it to myself seems outrageous, like a scene from a horror movie.
The worst part is I know there are so many people out there dealing with issues a heck of a lot worse than this. But no matter how much I remind myself of that fact I still feel nauseous just thinking about injecting myself.
So I thought just maybe if I posted about it and put it out there rather than hide from the issue it will give me the courage I need. 
I guess now that I have made it public I will have to face it and get over it or live with the shame of clucking like a chicken wherever I go...:(
Thanks for listening and please send courageous thoughts my way!

Tina xo


  1. I don't know if I could do it either. I would probably have a panic attack - and I don't mind shots, as long as somebody else was doing it. I sure hope somebody can help you. I guess it's just like everything else, you have to do it once, to get over your fear - it is your health we're talking about here.

    Wishing you the best!


  2. It IS a hard thing to overcome and you are NOT alone! We all know someone with this little problem. So, it's out here on the Web, you've told all of us...what else is there than to bite the bullet. Close your eyes and go for it.
    And know that I'm sending you a big hug for being so brave. (((HUG)))


  3. Hello my friend!! I have to tell you that I had that same 'fear' that you do! I had to inject myself with medication a few years ago as well, and found that for me, the best thing to do was to NOT to sit there with the syringe in your hand and continue to think about what you have to do--That makes it worse--Instead think of it like taking off a band-aid, just do it really quick and get it over with....I'm sending you lots of courage and strength, to do this. If I can do this, I know YOU can too!!!!

  4. There will come a moment that you find the courage to do it, I'm sure! Good luck, sharing is à forst step to lose your ansicht.

  5. first time visiting/commenting on your blog. I can understand your dilemma and your fear of having to give yourself your insulin shot. I don't have diabetes, nor does my husband, but our corgi does which requires us giving him two shots a day, morning and evening. I have to tell you, I never thought I could give him a shot but because he is a stubborn dog and I couldn't hold him while hubby tried to give him the shot (he squirmed too much) hubby had to hold him who could control him better and I had to give him the shots. It gets easier with each shot given, I can tell you that. Hubby had a needle phobia too and had to overcome it to give the first few shots before the dog started rebelling with me holding him. It can be done and I know you can do it! More than likely the insulin will help you feel better and get your diabetes under control which is a good thing since it carries lots of serious consequences if not in control. I truly do think you can do it! I have confidence in you!!!!


  6. oh my goodness. what a horrible 'place' to be in! one of my blogger pals has type 1 diabetes. she belongs to a diabetes 'support' group, if you want to call it that. they get together and discuss issues and diet etc. is there something in your area that might be of help to you?

  7. First of all honey YOU are not a Chicken. I can tell you right now as long as I have known you that your not a chicken.
    As much as I have been around shots and given them to others in my family including my son I would be just like you if the tables turned and I had to do it myself.
    I hope that the post I did about Kaci did help you with this problem. If not send me your phone number and we can talk about it. lol
    Seriously honey I am so sorry that your pills stopped working. I wish they could find another one for you.
    Is someone giving you your injections now. Please tell me they are and that you are okay.
    I will of course pray for you and I just know that you will over come this and do just fine.
    Keep me posted because I am concerned about you
    Love ya honey

  8. Well, I know about medication that just stops working one day. Not a fun thing to deal with. Shots - I can take them but to do it to myself - well that is another matter. I used to give shots to my mom when she needed them. I do hope you can find a solution to this problem. I have missed your posts.

  9. This has not been a very good time for you I do hope you have been on the mend, and able to do the injections.


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