Thursday, February 3, 2011

Folk Art Angel

I wanted to share a painting I started working on a few days ago and had the chance to finish yesterday during the blizzard. 
Since Ebay is free to list auction-style until the 8th of February, I wanted to get one or two listed while the listing was good..:)
I hope everyone made it through the latest installment of winter "bliss" we were treated to yesterday? I have to admit the shoveling is getting to me a bit especially since they are saying we are getting more of the delightful white stuff this weekend!
Well I am still partnering with the groundhog and saying "yep we are going to have an early Spring"!
Stay warm, and keep smiling...soon we will be weeding the gardens again!


  1. I bet you're looking forward to the weeding, aren't you? You sure have had a winter blast this year....guess it was your turn! Hopefully the groundhog is spot-on and Spring comes soon for you.

    Lovely artwork. You are truly gifted!


  2. Nice painting! Blizzard - great time to paint or read or anything relaxing, while the wind howls! I hope you didn't get too much snow that you can't get out! Good Luck on eBay!

  3. Hi Tina!! Another beautiful painting!! Where do you find all this amazing inspiration??

    I'm with you on the cold and hope ole Phil was right yesterday!

  4. This is nicely done. Are you going to antique it too? I was just raking leaves out of my flower beds. I know = Feb. can be a bummer yet.

  5. Such a super beautiful painting..gorgeous!! her eyes are very soulful! Shine on!

  6. What a lovely painting!
    We keep on getting ice our way. Oh I would rather have a blizzard. I know I know crazy!

  7. Beautiful art!! And oh--to be buried in weeds again!!

  8. tina, this is absolutely beautiful! she radiates compassion. i also love your previous piece with the glaze - it turned it into an instant icon.
    stay warm - how odd that the lower 48 is covered in wintery blizzards and i sit here looking at blue skies, sunshine, and green (albeit frozen) grass at my alaskan island home....

  9. Wow you are just painting so much beauty - maybe it's a good thing the weather is keeping you indoors. Hoping to finish a painting today too...

  10. I love your angel!!! I'm thinking it's good that you are stuck inside, too!!! Really beautiful!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  11. Absolutely beautiful! Tina, you so inspire me to stay with my art. If you do get out your pastels, I would love to see how you use them. This has been the type of weather to be productive at the easel. Thanks for checking in with me!

  12. Tina, that is gorgeous, I have often thought about doing ebay, but I find it a little intimidating, your a brave women. How lucky to be so talented. Of all the skills I have, painting is not one of them....I wish I could sing too LOL!


  13. Hi Tina, Your art is beautiful! This one is very pretty.
    Thanks for your kind comment.
    Have a great day!
    ~ Julie


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