Friday, January 14, 2011

Bet Ya Can't Make Just One!

I have finished the other two small jeweled canvases for Valentine's and here they are....

This one is of course done in green, and has added lace and a crochet piece from my stash. After adhering it to the canvas I painted it to buff up the color and then added a few baubles.

This one I sprayed pink and then added a piece of paper lace that I later buffed a bit with stencil paint in a soft blue color. The center is an old pendant surrounded by mother of pearl disks from a vintage bracelet. Then came the inevitable pearls in pink and white.
I am still working on the pink one I showed on yesterday's post. For some reason it just looks painfully plain next to these canvases.
I will be working on that last little canvas this morning. 
Last night I had the urge to start a larger canvas of the Virgin Mary and Jesus so I sketched it out and dropped in some mid-tones in a very loose way just to keep the original idea fresh in my mind and I plan to work on this later today!
I hope you are all having a wonderfully creative day whatever you have planned!


  1. Those little squares are very pretty! I just don't have the imagination to put stuff like that together, or the dexterity anymore for that matter. Nice colors! Don't forget to show us your Mary when you are finished!

    Have a real good day!

  2. Wow, your painting is coming along beautifully. You're one talented woman! And the beading and crochet piece is ever-beautiful. You are a very patient person ~ and have good eyes!

    Hope you are warm and cozy inside!


  3. You are such a talented soul!

    Lots of love,
    Susan and Bentley

  4. Tina, I love that painting just as it is. It is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen - honestly. I think it's the tilt of their heads.
    When my son was small he used to do that every time I picked him up. He would look inquiringly and calmly at anyone but always after he had tilted his head in to mine. I know I did it automatically back to him - it was as if he was looking to me for safety and I leaned in to give it. When I look at all the pictures of me holding him, we are just like that. Weird huh?
    Love, love, love it. Beautiful!

  5. Tina, I don't know which of your creations I like the best--I love the colors of the painting and the detail of the jeweled canvases--I continue to so admire your talent!

    I'm just wondering how the creative mind works...Do you work on several pieces at once, or do you finish a project and move onto another?

  6. This is quite amazing Tina - I am quite intrigued - will have to check out your other projects.

  7. Hi Tina, Just wanted to say thanks for all your well wishes, I really appreciate it. Simone xx

  8. Gorgeous works! I really like the canvas with Mary and baby Jesus. It's so pretty already; cannot wait to see it finished.

  9. I agree with Sharon - I don't have the imagination either!!!'
    Looking forward to seeing the completed canvas.


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