Saturday, September 25, 2010

Today Was Bliss

Today the weather had gotten cooler but I just knew something sweet was going to happen and lo and behold the mail arrived and yes she was there!!!! 
Just over a week ago I was a very lucky lady as I had won one of Meg Mitchel's fabulous art pillows in her giveaway! I was over the moon then but I can tell you nothing compared to how I felt when I saw this wonderful little pillow! It is just beautiful. The attention to detail, the beautiful colors, I mean I had always admired Meg's work but when you see it in person it is so much more.
The amount of work Meg puts into her art is inspiring, not just the front but the back has a wonderful saying!
(It is so me)
Now I just have to decide where she is going to be sitting. I think I like her right near my desk on the shelf I have some family photos on. She looks really pretty there!

Thanks again Meg, she is so lovely and the packaging was sweet also!
If you haven't had the chance to view Meg's wonderful artwork just drop in on her blog here:

You'll enjoy your visit!


  1. HOW LOVELY! I've never seen such a more beautiful pillow and the sentiment is terrific! It surely deserves a place of honor and it'll make you smile daily! I'm going over to see her sight right now!

    Congrats on winning the pillow...........!!!!


  2. I agree, what a lovely pillow and a real treasure to add to any home!!

    I also missed the post on the Belles! Once again your creativity amazes me! I really love classic Halloween decor and find these 'ladies' to be quite enchanting! :-)

    I hope you're having a great weekend!

  3. You lucky, lucky girl! I love Meg's pillows! Congratulations!!!! :)

  4. Hi Tina, how lovely.....just so charming!

    Thank you for your kind and generous comments on Bella Vista. I do appreciate it so very much.

    Many blessings this week,

  5. I am so glad you got one of those pillows... They are gorgeous! Up where I live, there is an artist much like that named Harriet Hiemstra and she does those types of faces on pottery, and I have about 30 of them.. no kidding! Gorgeous Gorgeous, gorgeous!

  6. Hi Tina,
    I was just catching up on reading all my favorite blog posts and what a surprise to see Iris featured in your blog. I am so pleased that you are happy with the pillow. I am so glad you won.
    Thank you for the feature in your lovely blog.

  7. Oh my gosh.. I most definately need to be repotted... LOL


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