Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Garden Time Approaches

I spun off into a garden reverie and because it is too early to plant anything I decided to do my planting on canvas. It started out as an acrylic work and then I started experimenting. I had been playing with watercolors on tracing paper which is similar to parchment (in my mind anyway) and I loved the slightly blurred look of the colors. I had the idea that maybe adding some cut pieces of the paper to the painting might add a certain dimension to the flowers and leaves. That led to cutting out leaf and flower petal shapes out of organza ribbon and adding that with gel medium. I just had to add a lovely quote and some flecks of gold ink to the surface. I finished the painting with a coat of beeswax. I worried about that in view of the flexibility of the canvas but I had heard in thin coats it would stay in place and add a certain glow to the surface and I am happy to report it was true!

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