Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Challenging Week

On Thursday the 27th of August I lost a friend and neighbor when she passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Her health had not been great for many years but she tried hard to take good care of herself and for the most part she succeeded. She had a bad heart though and was diabetic and never really understood the whole carb thing as it relates to "sugar" levels.

She was only 71 and I will always remember her for being a loving and giving human being, who loved everyone and never, ever used a cuss word. Born in Ohio but moving to Florida at a young age where she and her her hubby lived for many years before moving to upstate New York where I met her 10 years ago. After her beloved Poppy passed 4 years ago she was never quite the same and although she had no other family she had friends who cared about her deeply, but Poppy's loss was always with her and she often spoke of wanting to be with him again. Anita I will miss you more than you know, you were loved and cherished and I wish I could have had one more chance to tell you how special and dear you were.
Take a moment today to let those you love know how much you care, we never know if today will be the last chance we have to hold them and whisper those loving words to a lonely heart that yearns to hear them!
Anita I love you!

Tina xo


  1. We are coming to an age where this will become more and more common. Good advice for those who haven't figured it out yet. Sorry for the loss of your dear friend.

  2. How terribly sad it is to lose someone so unexpectedly Tina - sorry for your loss of a good friend & it should serve as a wake up call to us all to take more care of our health!


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