Sunday, August 25, 2013

Playing with Mixed Media!

I love playing with materials and textures and so this past week I toyed around with a few ideas I had and this painting is the culmination of ideas.
I used humble cardboard to make the small garden shed and hive and covered both with layers of molding paste and paint before attaching them to the canvas with soft gel. 

             The photo is a copy of a vintage picture from a friend's family archive ( his name was Henri)


 I went a little crazy with texture but then I was never was what one would call subdued when it came to art!

I have so many ideas and only so many hours to work with and I fell way behind when I had the accident with my hand. 

Well I am off to visit blogs and then work on something new but I do hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday filled with blessed peace and happiness.....

Tina xo


  1. I admire your creativity and this art work.

  2. Very nice!I'm glad You came over to visit Me and that Your feeling better and back to Your creative self again :) Denise

  3. Oh Yes,I like all the colors in Your artwork :)


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