Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hey It's Me Again!

I haven't forgotten that I wanted to SHARE more of my real life, not the life I wish I had, lol, so here goes reveal number one!!!

I live in a rental trailer in a "seen better days" trailer park in upstate New York. Now do I wish I lived in a lovely home in a sweet burb....well do bears poop in the woods? But life brought me here and I am trying to make the best of it for now until life takes it's next turn!

It looks worse than it is right now because everything is still in the "end of winter" condition and that always sucks. Once the garden kicks in it gets a much softer and cared for look.
One bonus: note the field in the second photo, it's a farmer's field that gets mowed a couple of times a year (feed for his dairy cows) but while it is growing it houses many birds and is lovely to look at on a summer day. I especially love when the grasses get high and the wind willows through, simply lovely! It's like a beautiful sea of green waves.

So here I am in my most recent incarnation (there have been MANY!!!) I am constantly re-inventing myself and my life and it has been a wild adventure in many ways. In a future post I will endeavor to tell the tale of how I went from having a gorgeous home in Kansas City to living in a trailer park in upstate New York and some great adventures in between!

Now what have I been working on this week? Ummmm let's see:

I know these two paintings don't even look like the same artist painted them and I have to wonder who the heck I am channeling some days, :)
In the second one I used actual fabric pieces applied with Mod Podge for the dress she has on. I relied heavily on texture medium for the first sweet lady. 
Today I am planning on working a little more on a few fabric collages I have started and then I may sit at my craft table with my watercolor paper and gouache paints and see what I can come up with. 
Because of the life I have led I tend to be very interested in women's lifes and the struggles they have been through to arrive at the place where they find themselves now. Sometimes I look at very old photos of those lovely, noble women who came before us and I so wish I knew what they were thinking, what their hopes and dreams were and did they come about before the end of their lives. Ahhh well, more food for thought.

Enjoy your wonderful weekend and have some cabbage and corn beef for the Auld Sod, I think this weekend we are all Irish in our hearts!

Love you....
Tina xo


  1. "Home" is where ever we are. I've lived in 16 different places over 43 yrs and found that they may not have been palaces, but I could make them homey and comfy. Can't ask for more than that.

    I bet that field is wonderful to watch swaying in the breeze.....I'd love to photograph it!

    The two paintings are wonderful. You have such a gift for faces!!! And how clever to make the dress on the second one out of fabric! Smarty!

    Spring should be headed to you soon in upstate NY. I grew up outside of Niagara Falls and can remember that by Easter it was warmish and nice. So hang on!!

    Thanks for sharing yourself. Warm hugs ((()))

  2. I agree with the comments above--For me what's most important is that home should be a place that provides us with a safe space to be fully human, to feel and to create, which is just what you're doing. You really have an amazing gift Tina, and I continue to be in awe of your talent and grateful for your gift of the portrait of our boy Tanner....


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