Thursday, April 19, 2012

Children and Pets Always Touches My Heart

Just a quick drop-by (drive-by in blogging lingo) to share a little 11" x 14" painting I completed a couple of days ago and had to share...
I wish I could take better pictures because the colors are never are bright as they appear in person but I guess I need to learn PhotoShop and get with the program..:)
So far the weather has been lovely but they are calling for rain this weekend and dropping temps so the gardening is on a back burner once again......back to the drawing board!

Have a great finish to the week!
Love Tina xoxo


  1. I love's adorable!

  2. I love the innocence of this painting and I think the colors have a lot of vibrance!

    Just as a caveat I'll add that there are some good and easy and free (!!) online photo-shop sites out there, that I like--One is just in case you don't have one that you like.

    I do hope you're doing well, and enjoying your Thursday!! :-)

  3. Oh Tina! She is lovely! Just look at that expression on her face! You have done such a beautiful job on her. I know what you mean about a photo showing the colors properly. That is always an issue. But we can still tell how wonderful your painting is!

  4. That's very sweet! Wish I could get back at that, sigh... Is this of a real little girl and kitten?

  5. Great painting. Thanks for sharing.

    Happiness to all.

  6. This is such a lovely painting.....very good.

  7. tina this is a delightful painting, i was wondering if that was someone close to you. You are an excellent artist and have captured great colours.

  8. Love your painting and I also Love children and their pets. Come visit my blog when you get time. I am going to add a link to you on my side bar ..I will be back

  9. Hi Tina. You have been doing a lot of very cool work. Wish you the best.



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