Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Commissioned Paint Project

Recently the gentleman I do some painting for asked me if I would be willing to take on a special project and of course I said "sure"! He had a very old rocker that the background design had long ago worn off and he wanted it to be revitalized.
 Working on something that is a few hundred years old did make me a tad nervous but he trusted me to do the job so I loaded it into my Explorer and brought her home.

I had to turn it in many different directions in numerous different lighting situations to finally have a slight view of the original design and even then some of it had to be guessed at as the finish had worn down so much over the years.
I finally got the color mixed, and with a nervous heart started to paint! It took quite a few thin coats to achieve the look he wanted but finally I called it done and returned her back home.

And here the little lady is sitting back in the salon close to the wood stove where she belongs and Don and his wife Diane were thrilled. Since Don is a retired Art History professor I was glad he was pleased with the work and maybe I will be less leery of accepting future commissions to restore antiques.

Now on to the next thing and here's hoping we all have many "next things" to look forward to!

Love Tina xo


  1. I would have loved a project like that! How fun!


  2. I'd be as nervous as a cat, too. Were your hands shaking with that first brush stroke????

    Well, it came out so pretty ~ I can see how they are beyond please with your restoration! Congrats on a wonderful job!

  3. you did a very nice job, a chair wit a second chance! it looks like our hindelooper folkart (
    I followed a course to learn this kind of painting, very long ago!

  4. You did wonderfully. It does not look "restored" which is a great compliment to you. Well done. :)

  5. What a wonderful job you have made of it Tina!

  6. Wow !
    What a perfect job you did, it looks new, but old :)


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