Monday, October 18, 2010

Small Gifts

 I finished this little piece (5" x 7") this weekend and antiqued and crackled it as well. I have always loved doing paintings of angels and other spiritually themed subjects.

I had a friend in mind when I was painting it and I hope she likes it when it arrives at her house with a few other trinkets I know she will love!

It was a little hard to get a good photo as the crackle medium left quite a brilliant shine to the piece and made reflected glare a real problem.
I do like the gold leaf though even though the crackle process chewed up the edge I think it adds to the overall effect of "aging".

The goal was to have it look very old and vintage...


  1. Very nice. I think you achieved your goal.

  2. So beautiful Tina... you truly are incredibly talented...

    Thank you ever so much for your very kind words on my blog today.



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