Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Ultimate Mother

I had the urge to work on something for Mother's Day and as always I think of Mother Mary! Is there any better example of love and devotion? I always feel so woefully inadequate when trying to portray someone of this stature but I think it is human nature to try to put a face to those figures we love, admire and wish to emulate. 


  1. You are so gifted. I have looked at a few of your angel paintings. I'm SO in love with them. I collect angels. This post really blessed my heart. I so connected to everything you wrote. Your so right about her...but how you portrayed her is one of beauty. I believe Mother Mary is also pleased by your devotion and love through this picture...

  2. Oh Angela thank you so much for the kind words! Life has been a huge challenge for me in recent years and I had lost my trust in the goodness of the Universe, but this past year I have worked hard to regain my sense of faith in the "rightness" of all that comes my way and precious Mary and Jesus have been instrumental in leading me closer to "Home".
    I love your blog and enjoy your words and will continue to follow you. Your sense of humor cracks me up too! :)


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